2. For this recent clip, there’s only one comment so far: but of course it’s from a perve, benjo816, who says it all: “LOOK AT HER AMAZING BUM”. Sigh.


  3. This clip of Rachel, in a charmingly tight pink frock, has only been on YouTube for a couple of weeks: so it’s no surprise that there are only three comments: but two of those three make coarse references to a particular part of Rachel’s anatomy:

    billionnaire1 2 says only "Asstastic"

    Paul Wilson goes "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… so shaggable n bummable."

    …to which Hakim Colclough replies, with a quite-uncalled for mention of SHE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED: "She’s nothing compared to C@%*£ V#£@*$%m@n. Oh yeah I could dig deep into her."

    Really Hakim! If you must make disgustingly sexist remarks like this, at least be gallant enough to make them about the lovely young lady who is, after all, the subject of the video!


  4. Korey stapleton-forde prays: “lord have mercy”.

    Mimi MJ is concerned: "u can tell shes quite uncomfortable".

    cod4lfe 3 thinks that Ravishing Rachel is "the only reason any1 watches countdown".

    RyanGiggsOBE (really?) informs us that: "she went on radio1 innuendo bingo wearing a low cut top! highly recommended viewing". Yes, Mr. Giggs, we’ll be getting round to that in good time.

    She brings out the Keith Lemon in iliketoparty46: Bang tidy”.

    grantyone is a bit of a gentleman: "what a very beautiful and sexy woman" See? he said "beautiful" first.

    To hide the strength of his thoughts, Mohibor speech to Rachel in French, the language of love: "Je veux te violer". Quelle délicatesse, monsieur.

    Dominic BOB Bacurin is enthusiastic: "WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BUM <3, everything on her body is just so perfect".

    ShinTec9 asks "how can a woman be so smart yet so fuking sexy!", and before you get all annoyed with ShinTec9's spelling, consider the fact that google has counted more than 9 million examples of this spelling of the second worst word in the World. Nine million.

  5. It’s almost unbelievable: there are no disgusting, sexist, misogynistic comments about this clip on YouTube: none. 


  6. bobski241: SEX ON LEGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Subzero2151: best bit of fanny on tv no question

    andrewbotting1: This is absolutely unbelievable!!! I have shot my load watching this so many times imagining splattering all over her body while she is dressed like this!!!

    TheLonelyRunescape: This will be my pre wank video.

    calderposse seems to be living in a dream world: i always fuck rachel before bed she is pratically my girlfriend

    MrArcite wants it both ways: You can simultaneously respect someone and want to do them in the arse, you know.

    andrewbotting1 returns: OMG!!!! Had to cum back to this clip yet again! cumloads splattered everywhere!!

    Yahye Dirir: I want to fuck that tight ASS.

    Bert Jackson: i want to spend hours muffdiving Rachel in this stunning outfit !! But would it fit you Bert?

    Nesam Normalan: Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap 2:05 Splurge!

    andrewbotting1 just can’t stop: JESUS!!! This girl drives me wild!! Another massive spasm of cum has gone everywhere!!

    rearwing1 is a little coy: love too f—k her c—t

    MrDoncos is a chivalrous fan, amongst the filthy perverts: She is the most gorgeous girl on TV with a fantastic body why not show it off? We love you Rachel!

    andrewbotting1 is clearly addicted to rachel: It didn’t take me that long but I made a hell of a mess!

    rearwing1 is back, a little more forthcoming: love too fuck her live on tv

    iamyou0976 is concerned for Rachel: Wow her arse is so tight it must be difficult to wipe it

    TheBriansmith1991: keep on dressing like this rachael, so i can wank over your sexy body.

    cisseshairdresser remembers that Rachel is, after all, spoken for: Her fella must just sit at home laughing his balls off. He prob just reads all the comments on her vids thinking “haha I slap my dick in her face every night!” to which SUCKMYTUBESTICK agrees: Yes, after he has had his stiff cock stuck right up her tight arsehole, just before he shoots his load all over het pretty little face.”

    wankerman60 is puzzled: Why is it that she has to dress like a slut? I don’t mind, just that others might!

    flimrovel1987 can read Rachel’s thoughts: Shit the bed, that is fantastic. Love the look she gives at 1:04 she’s like ‘please won’t you take out your c#*k and slap it on my face, pleeease’ 

    tartpumper99 suspects the truth: She will have typed her name in Youtube at some point and seen all this …and then frigged her minge into an oblivion.

    enthralled100 is a gentleman: She remains to be stunningly sexy! That is one of the most sensuous outfits that I have see her in! Wow!


  7. You would expect even the filthiest minded of perverts to restrain themselves a little, on the occasion of Rachel’s birthday? But no, they still can’t resist voicing their disgusting lustful ideas about what they would like to do to her 24-year-old body: 

    From wanderingdog100: "I want to cum in hermouth."

    SpinDizzyMR is very witty: "1:47: "FOQ" Haha, yeah, I’d foq her alright."

    aadder444 says "Wish I could sniff those shoes!"

    Struckgold is at least polite enough to ask: "Consonant, C. vowel, A. consonant N. consonant W. vowel E. Consonant F, vowel U. consonant C. consonant K. CANWEFUCK?"

    bigttim1, clearly some sort of mystic, is contemplating the wheel of life, and reincarnation: "my nextlife i want to be her toilet seat."

    JOJOBANANAZ1 has lost the plot entirely: “RACHEL is our QUEEN NEFFER-TITTIE and we are her DRONES. therefore we have to RECREATE THE GREAT PYRAMIDS OF GIZA in the VALLEY OF THE KINGS. i’m going to start building them on the SOUTH DOWNS. now off to JEWSONS FOR 800 MILLION BRICKS …OIY RACHEL, jump in the back of the TRANSIT i need a hand to load them up. you GORGEOUS YUM YUM.”

    Mystical bigttim1 again: “I would eat hershit for a ride at her.”

    permaveg is the master of the double entendre: "snow outside, and that girl needs something hot inside her."

    Jimmy Struthers is grateful: "thank u forthese videos, so much wankin mateiral its like heaven."

    flimrovel1987 seems thankful too, but less so: "ok enough is enough, stop posting these rachel riley videos or i’m going to wank my cock so much it’s going to come off!"

    A last word from lgee191: “Your all fucking disgusting. So are the pervs at channel 4, who hired this girl for dudesmy dad’s age to wank over. Eurgh.”


  8. edgarcasey seems frustrated: “She is obviously working very hard to ensure that her fine rump is not completely on display. That is to say, she never turns completely. That’s unfortunate. No doubt the show’s ratings would increase if she were to do just that.”

    TopBrown88 would… “Love to tap that ass for starters”

    More sparkling wit from AnarchistDictator: “DAT ASSSSSSSS”

    vulturevegan is dissappointed: “there’s nothing see-thru except for the sleeves. Other than that, she just a very sexy female.”

    SuperHungriestHippo isn’t really interested in numbers or letters: “This show would be better if she turned her arse towards us completely. And she didn’t have a dress on. Or panties. And she had leg braces to prevent her bending her knees. And the letters were really fiddly n awkward to get in.” Anything else? “Oh, and the board was only 18” off the floor.” Oh wait, he’s just getting started: “I’d love to do her up the arse and shoot my cumsonant deep into her vowels.” But let’s not be too hard on him: he’s just a little ill-informd about enlightened modern attitudes to women. But then… “I know it’s sexist and wrong of me, but hey..it’s her fault cos she dresses that way and if she got raped it’d be TOTALLY her own slutty whore fault.”

    (Source: doneverywell)


  9. Respectful adoration:

    abcs99 1: fantastic, and that’s understating it!

    selfselfself 1: Gorgeous. Nothing else to say.

    Anthony Nesbitt: Nice to see Miss Riley keeping the Nation’s spirits up in these difficult times.

    FatRonaldo9: Goddess

    Rocktopus: Incredible!

    Disrespectful vulgarities:

    craig fisher: perfect body. look at them legs! daym and that bum :P

    zdave76: Damn she’s a total fox, what a bod, rack and ass.


  10. Here’s Rachel on Countdown, from the 25 of January 2010, wearing whaat the poster aptly describes as a “Spectacularly Short & Tight Dress”. What do her fans think? TheGlamazonFan starts things off in relatively innocent mode: If Rachel’s “Dresses” get any shorter, she’ll be wearing nothing but her birthday suit. :P. Her dress is getting shorter and shorter… agrees keiblerstacy. Then it starts getting filthy: i just want to slap that… says RangeK0edoO . ratfaceable goes further: i want to lick her out. So do i and that’s just her ass!!! fuck me she’s tidy!!! agrees bigttim1. Then it just gets nasty: I need to jerk an enormous amount of sperm into that young lady. says 48shug Notice his polite use of “young lady”. Obviously well brought up. bogleby has some set design ideas: They need to put those pigeonholes at ground level.superemposed has darker thoughts: and make her knees so they will not bend. 400willowgets straight down to business: I want to bend her over and fuck her sexy brains out again and again. I want to feel my cum spurting up that arse. Which amuses Dancingartichoke Maybe she’d count the squirts? And another one, please! And another! And a third one! And another one, please! And then she’d say “Thank you!” and give a cute little clap I would suck her tits then move down there and lick her to an orgasm, then turn her over and ram her back door in and drop my spendings all over her crack!!!!! says FATSLATER1: but then, perhaps thinking he’s gone too far, switches to compliments: Very pretty and intelligent young lady :-) pulrh id worried about the state of the nation: No wonder unemployment’s rising. Who the fuck would want to get off their arse and look for work when they’ve this to look forward too?

    safdadon11 is concerned for poor rachel: i feel sori 4 her wid u wankers watching and bustin cum.

    barnybrendan starts out well… Rachel is always so bright and bubbly. Carol Vorderman was admittedly a hard act to follow but Rachel pulls it off admirably. She brings a freshness and class to the show and always dresses with her own unique style,…. and she’s a fantastic wank. … but ends up like all the rest.

    I think fifthof should seek medical attention: I was polishing it so much that a fucking genie came out !

    A final round-up: They should rename it cuntdown and she pulls the letters out from between her arse and titsIIEvoGamingII

    can you just imagine how good your cock would feel inside that woman. I’ll just have to make do with wanking over her which still feels bloody good 11lomax1


    She’s got a great pair of pins would love them wrapped right around me mmmmmmmmSuperFTD83

    It’s not often I find myself doing maths with my dick out.jonny616 

    I’d give Rachel Riley a Countdown Conundrum she’d never forget….GenesisY3k